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PROtector Riding Hats Approved 2016 Ruling
CE PAS015 - 2024

Statement referring to BE announcement regarding PROtector Cross Country Helmet.

‘We are pleased to say that on 19th April BE released an update to the rules relating to hats permitable in the Cross country phase. As a result the PROtector XC cool will continue to be accepted and tagged at all BE events. All PROtector helmets both new and older styles carry the SNELL E2001 standard, the highest manufactured safety standard in the world.'

The PROtector Riding Hat - Safety with Style


PROtector International Flag

£375 + VAT

 Please see our Image Gallery for more designs and colour options or call us on 020 7732 7123

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PROtector International

with Large Leather Vent


Peter Charles on Murka

Vindicat Olympic Champion 2012 

The BEST Simply gets BETTER

  • Designer Style
  • Aircool Vents
  • Unique Colour Designs
  • High comfort zone
  • Lacing at rear minimises unnecessary hat movement

The FIRST Showjumping Hat to reach this Level of Safety - The SNELL E2001, the highest manufactured equestrian standard in the WORLD.

The PROtector could save your LIFE.


Geoff Luckett

As worn and endorsed by the very Top International Horse Riders such as Peter Charles, Geoff Billington, Dan Neilson, Anna Edwards and Shane Breen, this riding helmet is handmade in England using specialist designers and techniques, and riders comment how comfortable it is.

We are proud that the PROtector riding hat is totally BRITISH MADE.


 There are three designs to choose from:

And Two Finishes:

This is the ULTIMATE, the VERY top of our Range

The Ultimate  Diamonte riding hat still has the highest manufactured equestrian SAFETY standard in the WORLD, the SNELL E2001. The Riding Hat is perfected using both finishes with sleek styling and genuine Swarovski crystal diamonte. This is truly a superb hat, which looks fantastic in the ring. It is also produced without diamonte.

Ordering any of the PROtector riding hats is simple - either place an order on this site or CALL US ON 020 7732 7123 and enjoy the whole PROtector riding hat Experience.

We also have a very accurate measurement device which we can send you, at your request, to ensure a good fit.

NEW           NEW           NEW           NEW

PROtector COOL XCountry Helmet

The PROtector Cool is a totally new jockey skull with vents both back and front to keep a cool head.  Sold with a cover specially designed for this helmet with mesh running back to front for the best possible air circulation.


Price £160 plus VAT


PROtector XCountry Helmet

A totally new jockey skull with vents both back and front to keep a cool head.  Sold with a cover specially designed for this helmet with mesh running back to front for best possible air circulation.  It  has the full SNELL E2001 safety standard, the highest manufactured equestrian standard in the WORLD.  Approved by BE, BS, BD, British Riding Clubs and the Pony Club.

This is much neater than its competitors and has the fantastic Xtreme Matt finish to hold the hat cover firmly on, and the British Flag on the side to show we are proud that this product is 100% British made like all the PROtectors.

Made with an immensely strong carbon fibre reinforced shell allowing it to be both neat in appearance and light in weight and a high density liner, it is capable of taking huge IMPACTS. The compression test ensures the rider the best chance of survival should the worst happen.

Worn by the Professionals including Francis Whittington and Gemma Tattersall, we have produced this following many requests for a PROtector cross country helmet.

About Us

Ian Beattie, Founder, has been involved with safety headwear for many years, being an official for Head Safety with British Eventing. After a horrific fall, Peter Charles approached Ian to make the safest hat possible for him to use showjumping which was still both comfortable and stylish.

With extreme investigation into all types of horse and rider falls, and a search for the highest standard of safety, the PROtector horse riding hat is produced with the SNELL E2001, the highest manufactured standard in the World.

The standard tests are extremely aggressive including a UNIQUE TEST simulating a hit from a flying hoof or rail. The compression test gives the rider the best possible chance of survival should the horse roll over him or fall on him. To achieve this, the helmet has an immensely strong carbon fibre reinforced shell, with a high density liner which can take huge IMPACTS.

The fitting system of the PROtector riding helmet allows the hat to fit your head just for you and the lacing at the back of the harness, when firmly secured, helps to prevent any tipping forward over a fence. The PROtector hat is surprisingly light in weight and is sold with a very nice padded and zipped hat bag to keep it safe.

Guy Williams, International Showjumper

Amy Ingles and Millie Allen say
"they’re GREAT"

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